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Evolution of Convergence Has Been 70 Years in the Making

The first annual Cairn Symposium, taking place in April 2019 is evidence of a growing movement where top scientists, engineers, technology experts, and entrepreneurs will convene to share ideas on how they can work together. To the general audience this convergence may seem new, but the collaboration between these disciplines has actually been in the works since the 1950s. It’s just becoming more mainstream than ever before.

Major Thought Leaders Converge for Unfettered Access to Each Other

It’s rare for top minds from organizations like NASA, Precision Genomics, Amazon, Stanford, and Intel all convene in the same room. But the first annual Cairn Symposium aims to change that. This April, the best and brightest innovators from the realms of science, technology, engineering, and entrepreneurship will collaborate at the symposium, where they’ll be given a level of access to each other’s minds that they may not achieve any other way.

The Convergence of Science, Technology, Engineering and Entrepreneurship and its Implications for Global Economic Development

Convergence --  the word often used to describe the intersection of physical and life science with technology and engineering -- may represent a major shift not only in industries like healthcare, software and related devices, but all spaces that support those disciplines. This could include big data, facility design and construction, cloud computing, mobile device development, and myriad others. As new discoveries are made, entrepreneurial minds will be required to develop, market, and deliver supporting technologies, equipment, and practical applications to the masses. This means convergence science has the potential to drive economic development, impacting lives and livelihood all over the world.

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