Make Your Mark on the Convergence Movement

Organizations desiring a higher level of participation and visibility in Cairn Symposium may choose to become a sponsor. The following sponsorship levels are available, with the benefits of each level listed in the chart below. For more information about sponsorship or vendor opportunities, please contact info@cairnsymposium.com.


Presenting Sponsor – $50,000

Presenting Sponsorship is our top level sponsorship at Cairn Symposium, for organizations that desire the highest level of recognition. Presenting Sponsors receive every other benefit to which other sponsors are entitled, but with one major bonus. Presenting Sponsors will be entitled to choose a representative to speak for 5 minutes at the breakfast meeting, where they may give the background of their involvement in the symposium.

Title Sponsor -- $20,000

Title Sponsorship is second only to the Presenting Sponsorship, offering major visibility before and during the event. Title Sponsorship is for relevant organizations who wish to be highly visible. For their support, Title Sponsors will receive all the benefits of the lesser sponsorship packages, along with podcast interviews, exhibit space, and mentions in Silicon Slopes News.

Major Sponsor -- $10,000

Organizations desiring a moderate presence may choose this level of sponsorship. Major Sponsors receive very good visibility before and during the event. They are entitled to every element of lower sponsorship levels, plus visible presence on the stage and in display monitors. They also receive social media coverage, mention at the CEO dinner, and more.

Supporting Sponsor -- $5,000

Local companies and others who would like to be recognized for their involvement in Cairn Symposium may opt for a Supporting Sponsorship. At Supporting level, organizations are entitled to listing of bios and logos in the event booklets and on the website. They will also be included in correspondence about the event.

Community Sponsor -- $2,000

Community Sponsorship is ideal for local companies who wish to be involved and publish their position as a sponsor. Community Sponsors will be noted in event correspondence leading up to the symposium. They will also have their logos included on the website and in printed event booklets along with other Community Sponsors.

Sponsorship Elements

Below are the details for each element of Cairn Symposium sponsorship. See the above chart to reference the elements belonging to each sponsorship level.

  • Introduction From Representative: The organization’s representative will have 5 minutes to give the background of their involvement in the symposium to the group during the breakfast meeting.

  • Podcast Interview: A recorded podcast will discuss the sponsoring organization’s involvement and participation. Podcasts will be distributed through Silicon Slopes and other partner channels. There will be an on-site podcast the day of the event.

  • Exhibit Space: Presenting and Title sponsors will receive a 10x10 exhibit space in the front foyer or adjoining halls of the venue.

  • Silicon Slopes News: Presenting, Title, and Major sponsors will be mentioned in news articles published in Silicon Slopes & Silicon Slopes St. George News sections.

  • Designed Presence on Stage: We will produce stage presence with the sponsor’s logo and allow these sponsors to display branded pop-up banners at the event.

  • Social Media: Sponsor logos will be included on all social media sites and in social media correspondence.

  • Display Monitors: Screens will be set up throughout the venue which include sponsors’ logos by level. Monitors in other areas of the city will include only Presenting and Title sponsors.

  • CEO Dinner & Pitch Competition : Presenting, Title, and Major sponsors will receive mentions at the CEO dinner and have an exclusive table. They will be seated with their choice of attendees, such as keynote speakers or other VIPs.

  • Bio in Booklets: Presenting, Title, and Major sponsors will have their company bios printed in Cairn Symposium event booklets. Bios will be displayed as a page, half-page, or quarter page, respectively.

  • Bio on Website: Sponsor bios will be displayed on the Cairn Symposium website according to sponsorship level.

  • Logo on Website: Sponsor logos will be displayed on the Symposium website, tiered according to sponsorship level. Presenting & Title sponsor logos will be on the main page.

  • Logo in Booklets: All sponsors will be mentioned in Cairn Symposium event booklets, grouped and tiered according to their sponsorship level.

  • All Correspondence: Sponsors, their logos, and their sponsorship levels will be included in press releases, emails, and newsletters.